I'm a composer/guitarist in the smooth jazz, blues and contemporary gospel niche.  Having said that, as a freelance guitarist for 30yrs I'm influenced by many genres and artists as you'll discover in my music.  I'm married to my beautiful Chinese wife and father to our eight year old son.   We live on the Gold Coast of Australia near Brisbane, "Beautiful one day perfect the next"as the saying goes.   I run my own carpet business during the day in conjunction with my music as an Indy artist.  I believe with some hard work and a bit of support I can transition ta full time  musician.


Here it is, my debut album.

I'm very pleased to present a collection of ten songs in varying styles with a common thread 
of jazz, blues and gospel. Nine originals and a re-arrangement of a Wes Montgomery classic "Unit 7'. 
At the heart of this album is my Christian faith which is expressed in the two vocal songs. 
I enjoy a variety genre's like rock n roll, rock, soul, RnB, pop, blues, jazz, reggae, Latin, funk, country etc...and I've had the opportunity to play them with some of the best in the business as a freelance guitarist in New Zealand and now in Australia. My main influences include Jimi Hendrix, George Benson, Pat Metheny and Robben Ford. 
My inspiration is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And what he did on the cross for me and 'whosoever believes'. 
This album is a culmination of songs and tunes I've written over the years and now finally recorded.






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My albums been out for a week now and is up and running, yeehoo. Since the push to get it finished in July last year until now its been one heck of a ride. Man! its a lot of work to get one of these things over the line. Especially learning lots of stuff for the first time eg album cover, blogs, distribution outlets, websites, lots of stuff. All good. Finally get a moment now to sort my website out a bit more and get some practice in. Gotta keep your chops up man. Cavil Ave got some air time in Sydney @fm99.3. Two stations here on the coast have the album and Smooth Jazz Global got in touch with me and are reviewing it now. I'm waiting to hear back. Digital radio I'm discovering is a whole new other world hmmm. See what comes of that?

Not quite making enough to quit my day job yet so c'mon guys I got another album waiting in the wings. Give spot the flick and buy the album Lol... I'm just kidding...kind of.  Only if you can afford it and want to support me because you want to. And if you don't, thats cool too.  At the end of the day this is a calling to me and if my music gives you joy. peace, healing, love and inspiration...I'm a happy man.  My job is done.

Love ya'll, Gods blessing on you


p.s hooray !!!


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